Bullet System in the French market

The dynamism of the Bullet line has gained the trust of French professional operators of on-line supplies, DIRECT HOTELLERIE and EQUIPHYGIENE. The reduction of storage space and weight, which is a peculiar characteristic of the BULLET system, offers numerous benefits to both distributors and customers, thus resulting in a significant economic advantage for the business.

Furthermore, the products of the line are entirely safe for the users, preventing any contact with the concentrated product during the simple and protected dilution phase.

Another extremely important aspect concerns the advantages the Bullet line offers in terms of environmental impact. In fact, Bullet line reduces the volumes of packaging waste by 98%, and spaces and shipments to minimum reduction of space, thus resulting in a significant reduction of CO₂ throughout the product's life cycle.


Linked below the websites of our French partners:


Direct Collectivités (http://www.direct-collectivites.com/)


Equiphygene (http://www.equiphygiene.com/)