Pk San @ EXPO Milan 2015

Pk San is the right partner to achieve the leading positions of the cleaning and sanitization market segment.


That is why Pk San was chosen as official supplier of COOP FFD Future Food District, which operated as a catering service in several spots inside EXPO Milan 2015.

The critical points in a huge exhibition area with hundreds of thousands of visitors every day, narrow spaces to work in and store cleaning materials, strongly influenced the choice for the supply of cleaning products, rewarding the Pk San Bullet range, that allows a remarkable reduction of storage space (98% less) and volume of waste.

Pk San Bullet System uses cartridges with super-concentrated detergent that opens and dilutes automatically and safely inside the bottle by just wringing the trigger on the bottle, avoiding any risk of contact with concentrated chemicals for the users.

Innovation, dedication, and the ability to comprehend what customers need are the keys to Pk San present and future success; a modern and trustworthy company able to solve efficiently any cleaning issue.